Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is providing guests with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Story of the Ancient Tropical Rainforest with the launch of its multi-lingual Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide.

The Interpretive App and Audio Guide will place the story of the rainforest in the hands of every visitor with a smartphone as they travel along the cableway.

The Skyrail App will utilise the latest in cutting edge technology as well as extensive multimedia and GPS location functionality to add another engaging dimension to the multi-award winning Skyrail experience.

Features include Augmented Reality, which brings to life butterflies, snakes and cassowaries, providing rich immersive entertainment value for our guests.

  • Users of the App will also have the exclusive opportunity to:
  • Learn more about their Skyrail experience
  • See some of the unique plants and animals that reside in the rainforest
  • Track their rainforest experience in real time
  • Capture and share photos to their various social networks

The Skyrail Interpretive App and Audio Guide perfectly complements Skyrail's recently completed Rainforest Discovery Zone that features floor-to-ceiling interpretive wall panels, an illuminated, ceiling-mounted timeline of the Earth's evolution, and one of the most realistic recreations of the cassowary in its jungle habitat.