Meet a Master: Alisia Bean

Alisia Bean is a relatively new comer to the sport of athletics, up until a few weeks ago her last 800m race on track was at Yungaburra Primary School.

Alisia, 41, lives in Cairns and first competed in a Masters competition at the 2015 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games and has not looked back. Since that first competition she has gone on to represent Australia at two international Masters Championships.

“I saw the 2015 GBRMG event promoted through work and decided to give it a go.  I didn’t know much about Masters Games until then, so that was the starting point,” Alisia said.

“I ran a lot on the farm as a kid, chasing the cows and then in primary and high school I did athletics and cross country - but then I stopped, life took over.  There was no way I would think I would be doing this in my 40s.”

“I have competed in the 5000m and/or Half Marathon at three Master Games - 2015 GBRMG (5000m), 2016 World Master Athletics Championships in Perth (5000m and Half Marathon) and the 5000m at the 2018 Oceania Master Athletics Championships in Dunedin, New Zealand.

“Competing for Australia in the World Masters and Oceania Masters are my greatest achievements thus far. My goals are to compete in the Pan Pacific Master Games 2018, GBRMG 2019, Oceania Masters 2019 and the World Masters 2020.”

Alisia said the appeal of a Masters competition was that it allowed entrants to be competitive in a friendly, supportive environment. She encouraged those thinking of entering to come and compete on the Reef.

“While there are medals, times and records, Masters Competition is more about having a go and the goals you set personally,” Alisia said.

“There are no egos, everyone is supportive, it’s a great way to meet and socialise with people. There are Master games in a number of locations in Australia and the World, so for me it is a way to see new places and meet new people.

“Just enter, that is the hardest part, cause the more you think about it doesn’t get you any closer to doing it.   Masters Games are a great event for encouragement and support, both in competition and through the Social Hub.  We have all started somewhere, so even if it is your first event or you participate regularly, the Games cater for everyone. The main thing is you are out there having a go.

“I would describe the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games as perfect.  Perfect for competition, perfect for socialising, perfect scenery and of course perfect climate.”

We will see Alisia back on the track for the 2019 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games from May 23-25, competing in the 1500m and 5000m – maybe we can persuade her to add the 800m to her dance card! Entries for the 2019 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games are now open,